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Urban Fantasy / Paranormal queer romance

Saffron Stains book coverSaffron Stains

Saffron Stains is an urban fantasy story, set in the South West of England. Kael and Jem are faei folk living together amongst humans - Kael is an elf, Jem has a mixture of brownie and elf heritage, which means he has to work a lot harder than Kael at the shape shifting and illusion magic that elves are renowned for. Magic which Kael is convinced is harmful.

Jem is tired of watching Kael come and go from the fae court, tired of wondering whether his beautiful lover needs him more than he needs his family. He waited patiently the last time Kael disappeared, but he's not sure he can do it again, and when Kael doesn't come home one night, Jem wonders if it's all over for good.

Kael would much rather be home with Jem than be in the fairy court with his mother and sister, but he has obligations. Obligations that lead to him neglecting the one thing he truly cares about. Can Kael find a way to convince Jem that he wants to come home?

Saffron Stains is currently out of print, but will be re-released. If you would like to recieve an email when Saffron Stains becomes available again, please leave your details here

Read an extract, see reviews, and find extra ficlets at Saffron Stains' webpage.

book coverSleeping Bears Lie

Back in 2005, Torquere published their second anthology of shape shifters, Shifting Too, which contained one of my stories, Sleeping Bears Lie. In 2007 that story was shortlisted for the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, just after the anthology went out of print.

Since then the story's been extended - about one-third new material was added - and was released as a stand alone ebook from Torquere Press.

Set in Alaska, Sleeping Bears Lie is a story about how lying to keep secrets can screw things up, but then, so can telling the truth. It's about identity, and what it means to know someone, and if you need to know someone's history to love them in the present. It's about a relationship that's not easy, but might be worth it anyway.

When computer guy Dan met Matt a year ago, things seemed to be going really well. They shared the Alaskan winter, getting to know each other better and better, and Dan thought they really had something going. Until spring, when Matt disappeared. A little digging into Matt's past tells Dan that Matt has been lying to him all along, and he's not sure what to do.

Especially when Matt turns up in his life again, apologizing for hurting him. Matt wants another chance, but he knows he can't tell Dan all of his secrets, even when they start to catch up with him. Finally, though, Matt has to share the truth of what he is. Will Dan be able to accept Matt's true nature, or is it time to let sleeping bears lie?

Sleeping Bears Lie is currently out of print, but will be re-released. If you would like to recieve an email when Sleeping Bears Lie becomes available again, please leave your details here

Read an extract and see reviews at Sleeping Bears Lie's webpage.


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